Sarah Sepeda-Garcia

I was raised on a small farm outside of Lubbock, Texas where I learned self-reliance at an early age. We didn't have much. My family and I grew up raising chickens, goats and pigs and our only means of heat was a wood burning stove. When the wood ran out, it got cold. I can remember one time as a child, my sisters and I were looking in a small wooded area near our farm for extra firewood that would last us a couple of days because a snow storm was about to hit. I remember seeing my mother cry at times because she wanted her girls to be safe and warm. So I learned early on about self-reliance, hard work and integrity. 

I moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2008 with my sister who at the time was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base. I moved to San Antonio because I knew there were many opportunities for me if I took this leap of faith. Shortly after moving, I obtained a job at a large law firm and started working on my Bachelor's degree, followed with my Master's degree in Psychology. While working full-time and attending school full-time, I was able to gain the experience needed to be a Paralegal in a Social Security Law Firm where I helped people get the benefits they deserved. I also worked at the San Antonio Area Foundation as their Facilities Manager where I learned the importance of giving back and helping the community. 

While working at the San Antonio Area Foundation, I saw how important it is for nonprofits to get the resources they need to fulfill their mission. Additionally, when I worked as a drug counselor intern at a rehab clinic on the south side of town, I saw firsthand how drug addiction affects the lives of men, women and children from all over Bexar County. I saw how people fighting this addiction have a secondary problem of finding employment once they have conquered their addiction. This eye-opening experience has inspired me to make a difference in the community. 

It was by no means easy starting over from scratch when I moved to San Antonio 10 years ago. However, I stayed true to the values my parents instilled in me. I carry myself with honesty, integrity and a kind heart. I believe these values are sometimes missing in publicly elected officials and have a way of bringing about policies that only benefit a privileged few. Therefore, I'd like to bring my life experience and values to the Court and promote my agenda of restorative justice, governmental reform and fiscal responsibility.

And last, but definitely not least, I am happily married to my husband Cesar Garcia. He is my best friend and biggest supporter. We currently have one dog named Frankie and four indoor/outdoor cats named Jasper, Addie, Tommy and Penelope. On occasion, we are visited by a skunk that likes to spray his beautiful cologne on our dog. Life at home is definitely an adventure.

Thank you all for your support !


  • Bachelor's of Science in Psychology
  • Master's of Science in Psychology
  • Supervisory & Management Certification


  • Volunteer - San Antonio Food Bank
  • Volunteer - Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Antonio
  • Volunteer - Big Give
  • Volunteer - Feral Cat Committee
  • Treasurer - Texas Business Women of San Antonio