Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I vote for Sarah ?

When I worked at the San Antonio Area Foundation, I saw how important it is for nonprofits to get the resources they need to fulfill their mission. Additionally, when I worked as a drug counselor intern at a rehab clinic on the south side of town, I saw firsthand how drug addiction affects the lives of men, women and children from all over Bexar County. I saw how people fighting this addiction have a secondary problem of finding employment once they have conquered their addiction. This eye-opening experience has inspired me to make a difference in the community.

What I will do if elected, is to expand second chance work opportunities and restorative justice programs for people who need a helping hand and a second chance. These programs have demonstrated an ability to break the cycle of incarceration and help reduce the rate of recidivism. By reducing the rate of recidivism for adults, we in turn reduce the probability of incarceration for the children of those adults. This creates a better Bexar County and makes us all safer.

I'd work hand in hand with Bexar County delegation of state legislators to implement some ethics reform, campaign finance reform and term limits for the Commissioners Court. This elected position should not create career politicians, it should be for people who are like me, who want to make a difference in their community but not grow old in office. Bexar County citizens should be able to trust their government and civic engagement should be available for everyone.  

If you have liked what you read and share these values, then I ask that you vote for me. 

What is Commissioners Court ?

Commissioners Court consists of a County Judge and four County Commissioners. The County Judge is the head of the Bexar County Commissioners Court and is also the spokesperson and ceremonial head of government in Bexar County. Each of the Commissioner's represent a quarter of Bexar County's population. Commissioner's Court is the governing body of Bexar County and is responsible for making budgetary decisions, tax and revenue decisions, all personnel decisions except certain positions which are elected or appointed by the judiciary or other committees. Commissioners Court also appoints and monitors the action of all County department heads, except the offices headed by elected officials.

Commissioners Court is in control of the budget and I want to be a good steward of your money. I'd like to have audits of the budget and funded programs for waste, fraud and abuse. I want to make sure that we are spending your money wisely. 

Where is Precinct 3 ?

Precinct 3 consists of 208 precincts that are located North, Northeast, Northwest and North-Central in Bexar County. Precinct 3 represents a quarter of the population in Bexar County. 

Precinct 3 Map

When is the Election ?

There are two Elections in 2020, the Primary Election and the General Election.

The Primary Election is scheduled March 3, 2020.  

The General Election is scheduled November 3, 2020

How can I contribute ?

To win this campaign, I need to reach every voter in Precinct 3. By contributing to the campaign, you can make that possible. Help me create a County that works with all the community, not just a select few. I ask that you donate anything you can today. 

You can contribute by selecting the CONTRIBUTE TODAY button. I thank you for your support!

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